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Ski Trips
Arlene, the director, has been a ski instructor for many years prior to starting this agency.  American Travel & Ski Society has been a way for Arlene to share her expertise about Skiing around the globe with those who wish to fulfill their ski dreams.

Knowing where, when, how and why are the key issues in planning a successful, fun, and exciting trip to wherever you may wish to roam.  ...and may the powder be with you!


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Whether you wish to spend your entire honeymoon lying in a chair or on a blanket on a remote beach....or...if you wish to see the sights or adventure to and fro with your newly-wed by your side....American Travel has the options and expertise to help you decide what suits you both, the best.
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Cruises can be just as unique as any trip.  Also, depending on where you wish to travel, a cruise ship may be the only way to see certain scenery.  

Whether you want to cruise the Alaskan seaboard, or loft into open Caribbean waters....we can help you make the choice that meets your needs in any cruise-ship arena.

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